Our Team

Our Team Includes

• Pharmacists with Additional Prescribing Authorization
• Pharmacists Certified to Administer Drugs by Injection
• Pharmacists and Assistants Trained to fit Graduated Compression Stockings
• Pharmacists and Assistants Trained in Best Practice Blood Pressure Measurement


Meet Our Team


Lonni Johnson

Lonni lived in Drayton Valley for 40 years before moving to Barrhead in September of 2016. Lonni has a daughter in grade 10, as well as a son in university. Golfing and curling are two sports Lonni enjoys doing. Lonni loves to learn, she also loves to be part of the changing role of pharmacy. Lonni has Additional Prescribing Authority. She specializes in travel, diabetes and the impact on chronic kidney disease, as well as the lowering of cardio vascular disease risk. Lonni has worked with multiple published studies with U of A, she has also worked with a published hypertension study with UBC. Lonni is currently working with the PIAFF RX Study on stroke prevention and Atrial Fibrillation.


Heather Lynn Holwerda

Heather is married with 3 children. Her husband Colin works as a salesman at Grizzly Trail Motors. She has a son Kyle, and 2 daughters Kendall and Cassidy. Heather was born and raised in Barrhead. She loves the small-town atmosphere and friendliness of Barrhead. Heather is a qualified baker by trade. Her and Colin owned and operated the Barrhead bakery for 14 years. Her baking experience aids in the compounding she does. She has worked at Rita’s since November 2011. She is the assistant manager here at Rita’s. She is a qualified Ideal Protein coach, has taken the PCCR compounding course, and is a certified stocking fitter. She is also our AADL specialist.


Esther Lane

Esther is married and has 3 children. They are all married and reside within an hour of Barrhead with their families. Esther and her husband Bill are active members of the community and have been for many years. Esther has been a part of the pharmacy profession for over 20 years. She has taken the PCCA compounding course, and as well is a certified stocking fitter. Esther is always ready to greet you with a smile and help you with all of your pharmacy needs.



Denise Chenier

Denise and her husband and 2 daughters moved to the Barrhead county from Yellowknife, NT in 2008. Her husband works as a dispatcher in the oil sand north of Fort McMurray. For several years after moving to the county she was a stay at home mom helping at her daughters school whenever possible. In 2014 she started working part time for an accountant before starting at Rita’s Apothecary in November of 2015. In my spare time she likes to read, sew, garden and enjoy the outdoors whenever possible.



Kendall Nicole Holwerda

Kendall is our newest addition to our team at Rita’s. She works part time as a pharmacy assistant, as well as a licensed hairstylist here in Barrhead. She is engaged to be married in July of 2017. She lives on a farm with her fiancé and enjoys being outside learning and helping wherever she can. Kendall is excited about learning all of what pharmacy has to offer. She is looking forward to expanding her knowledge as well as forming relationships with our patients.



Chelsey Inglis

Chelsey Inglis is the youngest member of our team. She started in January, 2017. Chelsey moved to Barrhead September, 2016 and started in grade 10 at Barrhead Composite Highschool. She dances, enjoys being with friends and is the quietest member of the team.